Why Do You Travel?

Periodically, my employer runs a staff member profile on our company blog and I was recently the chosen one. (: The questions were fun food for thought and made me realize, once again, why travel and seeing the world is so important to me.  Here’s the interview!  We recently sat down for a Q&A with oneRead more

Value In Taking Time Off

Finding value in work/life balance is something I’ve blogged a time or two about. It doesn’t come easy for an overachieving work-a-holic, but little by little I’ve been working more balance into my life and it’s been fantastic. On this note…we carved pumpkins this past weekend! Because of the crazy Texas drought, we unfortunately don’t have the lusciousRead more

Sex, Drugs + Cocoa Puffs…And Weekends + Swimmings Pools + Sunshine

Fact: I love reading. Fact: I love owning books. I am a minimalist and do not like having STUFF. I don’t get excited about decorations, furniture or accessories. I do, however, get very excited about having books. (…and clothes, I will admit that). Fact: My attention span + ability to focus in at an all-timeRead more

Slowing Down

We run in a million different direction and are consistently ten steps ahead of ourselves.  I look at what I’m doing right now…blogging, changing clothes, doing dishes, heating water, packing my backpack for another long night in Allen. I know I’m part of the fast generation – I’ve heard this my whole life, but itRead more


Since the second I walked into the Turnbull Center for the COLAB orientation, my mind has pretty much been a giant whirlwind of information, experiences, insights, advice and realizations. Here are a few things I’m been thinking about/learning during the past 1 1/2 weeks: Portland Discoveries: 21st & 23rd streets Acai smoothies The Mississippi StreetRead more


“I’d like each person to send me a one page explanation of your personal story. Is it an essay? Is it a mind map? Is it a narrative or 10 slides in power point? What can I read to know who you are, what you believe in, what you have experienced?” Easy enough, right? Wrong!Read more